Home Networking

Did you just buy that new WiFi router that you need to setup? do you want to connect your new mobile or printer to your home network? do you feel like the network is very slow? we can help you with that.

  • Configure a unique name (SSID) to your network.
  • Configure¬†wireless encryption on your network to keep your information private.
  • Resolving wireless channels conflicts with neighbors
  • Change your admin username/password.
  • Configure sharing between networked devices.
atHand networks all your devices and troubleshoot any problem

Security Risk!

“25 Percent of Wireless Networks are Highly Vulnerable to Hacking Attacks, Wi-Fi Security Survey Reveals” HOTFORSECURITYdotCOM

Everything is Wireless

All smart home devices are now wireless-enabled, which requires more sophisticated configurations.

Speed is Everything

What would be the benefit of getting a fast internet connection when you cannot make use of it! let’s optimize your configurations.